"Change your mind… Change your LIFE!"

Who is Les?

I am genuinely fascinated by the topics of lifestyle planning, communication and personal development and I have spent many years studying extensively.

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What I Offer

I am a personal development and corporate coach; offering bespoke services to local and international clientele

My core sectors of expertise is; personal training, group setting or individual session and corporate development training for professionals & NGO’s

Corporate Coaching

I deliver soft skills training and coaching to your employees, which will ultimately help them improve their performance and increase their contribution towards the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business. An increase in skills levels…

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Individual Development

To assist in the growth of any given individual to maximize their potential and realize they can be successful in anything they wish. To accept they do not have to conform to social and peer pressures and that no matter who they think they are they are much more.

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My Help for FREE

Are you a local school or Local NGO? Perhaps you need help and support regarding an event you are putting up or are in need of a speaker or presenter? Do the students or team who are involved need training to better their communication skills…

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He makes things work

Les makes things work. The smile you see on his profile picture is genuine and working with him will be informative and thought-provoking.


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Passion in what he does

Reading what others have written about Les is all very true, there is a deeper level in it too. From my first meeting with Les on his NLP Master Practitioner course, it was evident he had a passion for the subject, was meticulous and methodical in his delivery and an unselfish goal to help others. He has profound insight into everything he does and an energy that is second to none. He was kind enough to bring me on board and was more than willing to share his knowledge, commitment, and his private life with me, and that is something I will always be grateful for. Les is one of those people you cannot rate or recommend highly enough. It is a pleasure to meet him, an honour to work with him, and utmost respect as a friend.


Director of Elysium NLP & The Mind Corps CIC

A leader and a Mentor

“I have been privileged to know and work with Les Symons for a number of years now. Today I am humbled to acknowledge his contribution to the field of Personal, Corporate, and Financial Coaching, an industry sector Les has served and shaped in equal measure. Les is one of those very special people, the 1%, a person of immense integrity and vision, a person driven by a value system that has created an environment within which all who came in contact with him were inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential. Les is a leader, a mentor, a strategic thinker and a person whose capacity to empathise with all he comes in contact is truly inspirational. I am proud to have met and worked with a tireless champion who epitomises the qualities and personal values of integrity one could hope to find in a person tasked with the management of sensitive personal information. Les is a friend to all, a man of huge integrity, a master of his craft, and a person who has this unique ability to leave a trail of inspiration in his wake.”


Global Entrepreneur, Strategically focused Chief Executive Officer

Great Attitude and Personality

I have known Les through our connection as we are both NLP Master Practitioners. Les has a great attitude to life and is a wonderful person I can chat with for hours. I haven’t used his financial services yet but can certainly guess that the combination of his approachable personality, his coaching skills, and his knowledge of finance must make a great combination and an enjoyable experience for his clients.


Life Coach, Leadership & Team Trainer & Facilitator

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