The 5 Preps Salesmen Don’t Do

  1. Preparation the night before

Let’s get real. Salespersons normally are able to have a good time.

To be a salesperson gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money.

Good money from a young age when most entrepreneurial salespersons start means a form of freedom that can take a lot to control (ask some premier league footballers or TV “personalities”).

It is so easy to get the big deal and then, rather than keeping discipline, go out on the town, have fun, late nights.

Or maybe like me you like spending money on the finer things of life. Good wine, nice clothes, boys’ toys! Etc etc…

Hold on! The deal hasn’t been paid out yet. Haven’t got my commission until next week and overspent. Head buzzing from the late night. Or buzzing from the panic of OMG how much have I spent!

Ok I know ……. none of the above applies to you! (Really!!!!)

The evening before your big sales presentation, acting professionally makes the difference between the true salesmen and the charlatan who pretends to be “the boy”. Ego, all too often unfortunately gets in the way. The problem with this is of course that not only does he discredit himself but also who or what he represents.

He also disrespects the prospect by not being fine tuned and ready.

I personally, even now, after thirty + years will not do anything detrimental the night before. I organise my suit (if that’s appropriate wear), shoes cleaned and briefcase ready with correct content, brochures, literature etc. I even make sure my leather briefcase is polished!

First impressions say so so much!

  1. Preparation before the meeting

Suit on, briefcase ready? Now I review and role play the meeting. I am assuming of course the other forms of preparation were done re research etc when you took the original booking.

Role play includes me introducing myself. The stature of how I present myself (I’m a short arse so have to stand upright) looking into the full length mirror, seeing myself shaking hands, smiling and building rapport. I also see the outcome of the meeting. As I would wish it to be! Deep breath and I’m on my way.

  1. Preparation of the room/ layout

Ok this can be varied depending on how you are pitching.

Most of my presentations are either seminars in an auditorium or with maybe one or two decision makers. Not always possible, but I try to have my small meetings on either my territory or neutral ground.

Currently I, for the most, use private hired rooms in my bank. OK it costs me a little but the rewards of taking the prospect from their comfort zone of their office or home works for me. I feel that they are showing interest and commitment to me to get off their bums and also make the effort to meet.

Remember I am doing them the favour. I’m good, the best. They need me!

I also do not like working over square tables. Barriers are created this way. Best that it is either casual chairs or if presenting and a table is required then I use a round table. “Mr. & Mrs. Prospect… We are in this together. Let’s share the table. Get close. Be as one on the journey to take you with my help – where you want to go.

As I want the prospects attention I also ensure no noise in background, no one behind me to distract them (they will be looking at me a lot and don’t want them looking over my shoulder)

OK got their attention. Layout as I want – now let’s prepare to pitch!

  1. Preparation of the presentation

This goes without saying. You must know the presentation forward, backward, inside and out.

If you are not 100% comfortable with your presentation you shouldn’t even be thinking of wasting your client’s time.

Your focus should be on the client, not on having to remember your presentation or slides.

So get out of your own way and make damn sure this is nailed before even stepping foot in front of a client.

  1. Preparation of the challenges (not questions) to come!

If you are not fully aware of the challenges your client faces, how can you possibly help them and be confident that your product or services will have the slightest benefit to your client.

I call these the essential 5 – without them your sales and conversions will suffer but make them an integral part of your routine and watch your sales soar. 

It’s your choice!

Until next Time

To your ongoing success