Although many foods are mucous forming by themselves, trouble is greatly magnified when foods are improperly combined at meals. Poor food combination is a major cause of mucous production as well as Y/F overgrowth. Digestion is a very specific chemical process. Different foods make different, specific demands on the body.
Protein digests in the stomach, requiring a highly acid environment. Starch on the other hand is digested in the mouth and in the small intestine. In contrast to protein, it requires a mildly alkaline environment. It doesn’t take much to imagine that these two foods are not intended to be eaten at the same time. One will interfere with the digestion of the other, causing incomplete digestion for them both. (Examples: meat and potatoes, fish and chips, chicken and rice, burger and fries – all typical combinations of mainstream Western diet) If food is not efficiently digested by you, microzymian principle tells us that it will be otherwise digested – with most unpleasant results; i.e. the putrefactive and fermentative process of bacteria and Y/F. It will either rot of its own accord via evolution of its inherent microzymas, or microforms produced in, or already infesting, the GI tract will naturally join the party. A vicious circle develops in which compromised digestion paves the way for Y/F and Y/F further disrupt digestion.
Two other very poor combinations: sugar/starch and sugar/protein. (e.g. a favorite – a peanut butter and jam sandwich and you’ve got a powerful prescription for disease). Proper combining is good for everyone, although many authorities pay little if any attention to the wisdom of simplicity in eating. But if you are ill you are strongly encouraged to proper food combination as closely as possible. During the early stages of recovery especially you should be very strict with this. Any digestive imbalance at this time will throw a monkey wrench into works and prolong or prevent recovery. Why take the chance?
The blood stream should receive from the digestive tract water, amino acids, fatty acids, glycerol, monosaccharides, minerals and vitamins. It should not receive alcohol, acetic acid, ptomaine’s, leucomaines, hydrogen sulphide etc…
“Must we always take it for granted that the present eating practices of civilized man are normal? Why must we accept as normal what we find in a race of sick and weakened beings?”
Herbert M Shelton