NLP Weight Loss

NLP Weight Loss (Paradigms weight loss)

Weight Loss cannot be achieved with NLP – but NLP can help you change your habits so that you can easily lose weight. What if celery tasted like chocolate? What if going for a run felt better than going to the pub? How easy would it be to lose weight?

Weight loss is not magic. You simply intake less energy than you output. NLP for weight loss is not magic either. You cannot convince yourself that you are losing weight using NLP, then go eat a tub of ice cream. But you can use NLP to achieve weight loss by making that ice cream seem unappealing.

Ice cream is delicious, right? How can it possibly become unappealing? The truth is, the pros of ice cream just outweigh the cons. You have to concentrate on the cons, not the pros. Think about that fatty aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. See that fatty aftertaste as a visible, irremovable film that sticks like glue to your mouth. Picture the cold, hard sugars rotting away at your teeth until they become painful and brown. Visualise the fat globules seeping through your insides, gooping their way through your blood vessels and adding themselves into heaving, pale yellow piles of fat under your skin. Imagine the sound of all the saturated animal fats congealing into a sickly putty and clogging up your arteries. How do you imagine that processed fat smells once it’s stripped of its artificial flavours and sugars?

How does that ice cream sound now? Read that paragraph out loud if you need to. The more vividly you imagine these things, the better they will work. For added effect, you would read this out while a plate of ice cream is sitting in front of you. Take one spoonful, put it in your mouth, and start reading. Focus on the bad aspects of the food, and they will soon outweigh the good aspects. The result is that you won’t be buying more ice cream next time you’re at the supermarket. Talk to us for moreā€¦..