About Me

About LSM Coach

A Personal Development & Corporate Coaching firm offering bespoke services to local and international clientele.

My core sectors of expertise are: personal training- group setting or individual sessions-and corporate development-training for professionals and NGO’s.

Since inception, I have been totally focused on empowering people to reach their full potential…

LSM Coach was established with a pursuit of personal development, having a deeper understanding of communication with ourselves as well as others and having the belief we can achieve much more for ourselves. It is for people to see their potential and take a hold of their life.

There is an understanding of people’s behaviors and the way I “think”. These days I rely heavily on technology to communicate, but a study in Canada found in its results that 80% of people still prefer face-to-face contact with someone and that is where your development will flourish.

I have run courses and workshops for groups in several countries as well as coaching many individuals on a more personal level thus making way for a more compelling future.